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Ups and downs.

Why oh why have I stuck to plan and not lost anything?

Oh wow I had a terrible week and still lost.

I was doing so well then got stressed and blew it.

I have been on such a roll and lost loads but now it's much slower.

I haven't lost much since I started but been ultra good.

There are so many more scenarios that go on in our brains.

What we know...

We lose fat when we create a calorie deficit.

We store fluid at times especially totm, extra salty days, increased activity, this can affect what we see on the scales however. If you've created a calorie deficit then you are still losing fat.

You could have had the best week ever but if you are retaining a little fluid then it probably won't show on the scales. This can be disheartening but honestly you have still been successful.

Why have you been successful but not lost weight?

  1. You've stuck to budget

  2. You've made amazing choices

  3. You've upped your activity

  4. You are doing you.

Losing weight is never an easy journey and sometimes life gets in the way.

You don't have a bad day at work and quit.

You don't get pissed off with the kids and kick them out.

Why would you quit on your journey?

For those that have known me years will know that for 6 months I didn't lose anything. I stuck with it, did my measurements. I cried, I got frustrated and definitely threw my toys out of the pram on many occasions. However I didn't quit. I did however go down 2 trousers sizes in that time. This, although at the time, didn't feel like success, it was massive success.

When we focus purely on the numbers and we don't see the bigger picture yes, it can get very frustrating. The scales don't know who you are though. They don't know what you've done that week nor do they know if you are retaining fluid. They don't take your week into account nor do they even care.

Thinking of everything you've done that week and recording it either in the notes section on the app or wherever you like gives you something to refer back to. Every step you take is progress. The numbers on the scales are just a small part of that progress.

I get we all want to see that number go down and trust me when I say. IT WILL. Just sometimes it's going to be slower and that's ok.

Remember that everything you do is to support your future you.

I write this blog today with my own frustrations of an up and down few months. Reminding myself of how far I've come, the changes I've made and then looking to a long term future full of possibilities. A small blip is all it is.

I am proud of each and every one of you. I am there to support you every step of the way. I see changes in all of you and I see what you can achieve.

Never give up on your future. You deserve this. You've got this. You are all amazing.

Much love.

B x

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Mar 10

I get like that sometimes but with this way of thinking I do it a lot less than when I was on SW as I would be extremely strict on myself. Miss out on going out and so much more and when I would gain I would cry. But I definitely don’t feel this way since joining Your Furture you.

I feel more relaxed with my journey and not worried about going out for meals and stuff anymore. I don’t crave anything as nothing is off limits.

Just got to remember you are making them steps to be a healthier happier version of yourself. And if you gain that’s ok. As long as you have had a good week and…


Kaz bluff
Kaz bluff
Mar 10

Over the last 100 years, well it feels like it, you’ve made total sense at all times and on all levels.

This is the best blog that has made me think, not overthink, for a change.

The most important thing for me is the consistency of you being there week in week out for everyone, listening to each other’s stories & I appreciate every single thing u do for me.



Thank you, Brandon. I had exactly one of those weeks, strictly stuck to my allowance but didn’t see it on the scales… but hey, focussing on the big picture rather than just one week. 😊 See you tomorrow. G

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