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How will we do this?

"changing the way we think about food to ensure food is just food again. No guilt needed"

Well weight loss is simple right? Create a calorie deficit and lose weight. So simple so why do we need Your Future You?

Well yes, in theory it does sound simple but there are lots of factors that go into weight loss. Your age, height, gender, food habits, the love of sweet or savoury, the guilt that can go with having a meal out or a sneaky chocolate bar. 

Calories are so important; we will be looking at a creating that calorie deficit but with a difference. We know that one plan doesn't fit all, however. Calories in v calories out is still KEY TO SUCCESS. plus, the BEST news, calories are printed on everything making it super simple. No need for tricky calculations or putting things back because you just don't know! 


There will be different options on how you follow your plan including choosing a less carb approach, An all-round approach and many more. There is something for everyone. There are lots of apps out there that can support with a calorie-controlled plan, and you are free to use any you wish; however, I am VERY pleased to have teamed up with UK based Nutracheck. I am currently using their app and I must say it's AMAZING. What's more when you sign up with me you will also receive 25% off selected plans with Nutracheck


To find out more about Nutracheck click here

So basically, together we will find the right approach for you. What you will find the easiest to follow, the most relevant to you and what will make you tick daily. Plus, the BEST bit is that coming along each week (& staying for the talk) you will find out that the meal out or that sneaky chocolate bar isn't as guilty as you once thought! With our talks we will follow a structure all geared for you to lose weight, be happier & live a healthier you. You will learn from each other and be inspired by achievements and stories told. 

I know some people don't like tech. This is also fine however for best results you will need a journal or pad to record the calories you eat. 

On your first session you will be advised on how many calories your body will need to lose weight. Not everyone is the same, so it is important to get it right. The calories given will support weight loss of up to 2lb a week which is a healthy & sustainable weight to lose. You may find that you lose more in your first month and this is OK. It's your body getting used to a new change and clearing out all the Toot from your body. 

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