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Can I lose weight while on the Menopause?


A question I get asked quite often. The answer is of course yes however it is going to be a harder journey for some. Although it’s harder it will definitely be worth it!

Many women during the menopause experience weight gain and it’s usually around the abdominal area. You are all probably aware (more so than me) but there is a declining oestrogen level and an age-related loss of muscle tissue. This also comes with a different diet and a lack of activity. (Remember I said may not all before you hunt me down with a pitchfork)


I will break this down a bit more.

A woman can gain approx. 1.5 stone while the process is going on. This of course can be slowed by activity and food. If nothing changes with the diet, then this causes fat to be stored around the waist and can account for around 20% of your total body weight.

The most important things a woman can do while on the menopause is to eat a healthy diet, do more and regular physical activity & check their drinking habits.

A calorie-controlled diet can really assist with supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Firstly, you don’t have to totally overhaul your eating habits just because you are going through the menopause.

‘Eating for heath first’ is a great mantra to have (actually for everyone) It’s OK to have a cookie, Ice cream or chocolate however it may be an idea to start with salad or salmon before.

Mindful eating is another great tactic to eating (again everyone) eating free from distractions helps you slow down your eating and helps you savour the food more.

There is no such thing as a Menopause diet. Every woman is different but there are some key foods to add in and eat plenty of when possible.


Fortified Yogurt

Lean Protein






Fibre (including wholegrains, fruits veggies)

And more water!


The issue we find is that we still think that the weight loss will be as quick as it was when we were in your 20’s unfortunately this isn’t going to happen. YES you will still lose but it will more than likely be on the slower side while your body is going though this massive change. This can at times be frustrating especially when you are working so hard to lose the weight and it may be ‘just a half’ or a maintain. This is NOTHING to do with the foods you are eating but your body going through this change.

Starting to lose weight before the menopause or in the early stages is helpful but not essential. Every woman will lose and every woman will be different.

Another key ingredient to success is regular activities 5 to 6 days a week of doing some kind of activity will really help. This could be anything from walking a bit faster than before to the gym, to HiTT classes. This may sound daunting at first, but building up on what you already do can really support the weight loss along with a healthy calorie controlled diet.

A good way to track progress other than on the scales is to do measurements, take selfies, keep a log of everything you are doing so you have a record of all of your success.

Not every week is going to be the same, not every week will be a loss but at the end of the menopause your body will thank you for all that work you put in.

I know I will never go though it and can only imagine what it’s like (x100) but I can support you to create a plan, to work on calories and foods that suit you, to be your cheerleader and of course to be there each week to have that supportive face of Your Future You.

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1 Comment

Kaz bluff
Kaz bluff
Apr 21

Others have seen this post ( not that I know who but I can see the eye ) & yes I totally agree with everything you have put maybe they do but no one has liked this post yet.

I too have gained weight during my 50’s & can relate to you totally.

Thank goodness you won’t have to suffer these hot times, weird feelings but I also know you actually do strangely enough.

Do you remember the lady that gained a pound every month even though she was 80? She lost her weight with you but even then she had a cycle. I know you remember her but obviously I can’t name her. Us girlies are all very similar…

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