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Planning for success

When we think about planning for success we automatically go to food planning.

Yes food planning is a good idea but it doesn't suit everyone and that's OK.

Having a plan in place for your life is a good indicator on what meals you will have time for during the week.

If you have a busy lifestyle then knowing what time you have spare can support you with activity, food, rest and so on.

For example. Monday you have an early breakfast meeting at work. You then have an evening activity class leaving you with less time than usual. You ain't going to want to cook a roast on a Monday but something quick and easy will be just fine. Maybe you've done some bulk cooking and need to get it out of the freezer. Having that plan in place means you are more likely to get that meal out so you are not then grabbing a takeaway on the way home.

This plan of course won't suit everyone and again that's OK but for those with a busy lifestyle this can support your brain, the feeling of sinking and give some clarity on your week of food, activity and chill time.

So whatever your week brings this week have a plan, make it work, see results.

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