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One day at a time...

Now in all honesty I want to start singing and if you know the song I hope the heading makes you sing ;-)

So we often talk about a reset day once a week at your meeting and yes it is important to have that check in, the accountability and that refocus on the week ahead. This is either in person or on the one to ones.

For some this is too long or seems too much to focus on just once a week. Yes you can contact me throughout the week and that is encouraged but a daily reset can prove just as effective.

Taking one day at a time is all some of us can focus on. Especially if we have lots going on or there is too much stress happening.

We all have those ideal goals in mind but taking it one day at a time will get you there. Focusing on the right here and now is an important step to having that one day focus. It could be any shape or form you want it to take. It maybe that you plan for the day and just that day. It could be that you are planning more activity that day, taking some time to chill or just tracking a bit better than the day before.

Everything you do on day one is progress and once day one is over day one starts again. So even if those plans didn't go quite right then day one is just a sleep away. Remember that recording what DID go well and not what didn't will show you all that progress. (you can record it in the note section on Nutracheck or create a diary of all that went well) you could think about what didn't go to plan and if there was anything that could have gone differently. This could be that you got stuck at work so dinner didn't go to plan. You can't change that as work delays can happen however next time you could have a go to meal that is very quick and easy like egg on toast knowing that you have a good protein and carb meal.

These things help you learn and focus on changing the mindset and behaviour around food.

Waking up and focusing on what is good, going to go well and being more determined will support that focus for your brand new day one.

Once you have 7 day ones and you've had your check in and reset day you will know the score and all the impact of each day one has given.

Some people even like to break it down further and focus on the next good meal. There are 21 main meals in a week so if one doesn't go to plan that day make sure the next one is amazing. No guilt over the last meal. That has passed, it's happened and you can't change it. You can however change what happens next. We have had for years a 'blow it' attitude. One bad (old style thinking) meal so I've blown it and may as well carry on.

This my friends is utter tosh. One so called bad meal is NOT going to make you gain weight. Yeah OK it may do if it's literally that day or the night before but you also have to realise the scales will be weighing all that food as well. in these circumstances look at what HAS been amazing that week and focus yourself on the next amazing meal.

PS when I say the next amazing meal that doesn't mean a meal of carrots and celery I mean a proper meal within your allowance. If you have no allowance left for the day then borrow some from the next few days or from previous days if you have been under. (max 7 days forward or back not the last 5 months ;))

PPS that song is still in my brain so now I am going to change it to...

I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves...

PPPS. Whatever you decide. remember always that you are stronger than you think, More determined than you realise and more amazing than you will ever know. For every step you take is a step you wouldn't have taken if you hadn't have joined. Even a step back just means you are taking a run up for the next lot of steps.

Much love

Brandon x

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This is so true, one day at a time. One meal at a time. Thank you Brandon for this blog, it has definitely motivated me to get planning and logging my meals and exercise. 😁


Kaz bluff
Kaz bluff

Amazing words, I wish I had your thought process in my head. You’ve helped me a lot over the last 12 years plus xx

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