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Bulk and volume

Bulk and Volume is just that. It's all about bulking to add volume with minimal calorie adding. During the meetings we did a demo of bulking out scrambled eggs. You can use anything you like however the above short video is what we used in the meeting (the actual recording is too large to add and edit so have had to just give a brief summery)

We all love food and being able to see volume on the plate makes us happy. knowing it's lower in calories is an even bigger bonus.

Of course. You can do this with all meals.

A chicken and mayo sandwich could have salad added

A spag Bol could have loads of veg added. This also stretches the mince and creates more portions so you can freeze and eat later knowing you have some ready meals that are healthy and filling for those times you don't have time or just can't be bothered.

A whole punnet (250g) of mushrooms is just 18 calories. Packed with nutrients and water ensuring they fill you up longer.

This is just one example of a low calorie food. There are so many to chose from.

The good thing with the above is that you can prep it all the night before and even cook it so its just needing a heat through in the morning. Start the day with a filling breakfast or take it to work for lunch. Can be eaten cold if needed.


for those that are wondering yes you can even cook the egg and heat it in the morning)

So this week look at how you can transform your meals into something different. A pizza with extra veg is banging.

Good thing about this dish was there was no weighing or measuring involved. Making this plan as easy as possible just for you.

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