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Terms & Conditions

Please do have a read of all the terms & conditions

Updated 27/06/2022

Q1. When and where are the different workshops?

All details are on the Locations page. All sessions are run weekly. In exceptional circumstances they could be changed or cancelled. Timely or emergency notice will always be given to the member of any changes.

Q2. How much do the sessions cost?

Please take a look at the Plans & Pricing page to see all up-to-date pricing. 

Q3. Am I locked into a contract if I subscribe online?

No. Recurring payments can be cancelled by you at any time via your profile page under subscriptions and all subscriptions are non-refundable. I can put the monthly subscription on hold for you at any time if you are having extended time away.

Q4. Do I pay for missed weeks if I am a weekly payer?

This journey is about commitment and the expectation is you would attend each week. Missed weeks are payable or a week forfeited from your pricing plan of either one month or three-month commitments. There is a two-week holiday allowance for every six-month membership period. There is also an exceptional circumstance waiver for unavoidable appointments or circumstances. Please talk to me at any time if you need clarification.

Q5. Can I transfer my subscription or weeks I've paid for to someone else if I decide not to attend?

No. All payments and subscriptions are individual to each member and are non-transferable and in the event of non-attendance or cancelling of membership are non-refundable. 

Q6. Can I attend sessions for support regardless of what weight loss plan I follow?

Yes, all you need to do is pay the relevant fee or subscription. My talks are geared up for liveable strategies to help on the weight loss journey so therefore are applicable to most plans. Please be aware that I will not advise or give guidance on any other plans.

Q7. Can I use my membership from another company to attend the sessions?

No. Memberships from other companies are not transferable and the relevant fees are applicable for attending my sessions.

Q8. How much weight can I expect to lose?

After the initial first few weeks my expectation is for 1-2lbs healthy weight loss each week whilst staying within the parameters of a calorie budget. I will not promote or support rapid weight loss.

Q9. How is a target weight decided?

A weight loss goal should always be realistic and sustainable and although the member will always choose the target weight, I will always give guidance. The BMI or weight to height ratio chart can give some guidance too.

Q10. Do I need to weigh at every session?

No, not at all. If at any time you feel that weighing in would not support your well-being or be detrimental to your journey you can then take a no weigh option. The expectation would be that you still check in with me at the scales, then be part of the support session as normal. 

Q11. How often should I attend as a Target Member and how much do I pay?

As a target member I would encourage you to attend as often as possible, but it is a requirement to weigh once a month for good maintenance and to keep your membership active.  Keeping a support system in place is just as important for maintaining as it is for weight loss and I do see that those who attend regularly, maintain more effectively than those who don't. There is a special Target Member payment which can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Q12. Can I attend the sessions whilst I am pregnant? 

Unfortunately, not. I am not qualified to give advice on weight loss during pregnancy. Please take advice about your weight and weight loss from your midwife. Once the baby is born and you have had your 6 weeks check-up you can then return to the sessions.

Q13. Would you be able to give advice on any medical conditions or medication that could affect my weight loss?

No, I would always refer you to your GP or Nurse who are qualified to give you any information regarding your health and weight loss.

Q14. Do you have a Facebook support group?

No, we have a dedicated app called spaces. This is free as part of your membership. it's a member only group and you can be part of it as long as you are a current member, If you cancel your subscription or stop attending as a PAYG member I will remove you from the group, but you are welcome back at any time if you decide to re-attend the sessions.

***Please note I have the right to refuse or withdraw membership to any person at any time with or without giving reason. ***

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