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It truly is about you & Your Future You

Don't just take my word for it. See the reviews from members below!

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Jay then and now

Hey. I'm Brandon. Coach & Owner of Your Future You. A small independent local business created with member success at the heart of it all. There is no franchise, just me. 

Hear me out people. Have you tried to diet in the past, but it's been boring, Lacked the good stuff and generally felt like giving up and that's just the first day at Breakfast?

I often hear... 'I'll start tomorrow' or 'I just couldn't resist' 'I always fail so why bother?'


My aim or mission if you want to call it that is to turn the BORE into MORE... Well, a little fun at least. Weight loss doesn't have to be boring, nor do you have to do it alone. Studies show that people that have support from a group or on a 121 are more successful. 

For those that already know me and have been to a group will know that I will always bring the fun factor while you learn more, be motivated and leave feeling inspired for the week ahead. 

Although your sessions are just once a week, support is available all week, so you are reassured that someone has your back every step of the way. 

I have been a weight loss & Wellness coach Since 2011 (with a few awards won along the way) after losing 16 stone with WW. I wanted to give something back, so I became a coach, working my way up, running 13 workshops a week. Although I left WW a few years ago I still have that passion to help hence setting up Your Future You.  Members have been asking for this to help find their optimal Weight Loss & wellness goals through developing a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices.

We will be doing this together and together we will find our version of healthy. I have always struggled with my weight but with a tweak of the brain it will no longer be a struggle and more of a fun adventure. 

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Reviews from what the members say...

"So happy to have found a coach and a weight management plan that’s easy to follow and of which I still have control. Brandon is super supportive, experienced and knowledgeable, helping me to have a better understanding of what a healthy lifestyle actually is - it’s only taken half a century, but better late than never. I cannot recommend YFY highly enough!"

Sue - Pebsham

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