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"Can You Really Eat Your Favorite Foods Without Gaining Weight?"

Stop banging your head over food choices it's not worth the brain ache

When it comes to mindset. The biggest setback we have is when we think we've blown it over a food choice as for so long we've been told that some foods are good and some are bad. This then makes us think we've blown it so we then carry on. we have the belief that it's all lettuce leaves and carrot sticks for the rest of our life. ~This is far from true and totally media hyped.

We know that some foods are better nutritionally however that doesn't make them a good food or a bad food. If you overeat on the so called good foods you will still gain weight. however if you ate the so called bad foods but you stayed in your budget then you will lose weight.

NO ONE FOOD WILL MAKE YOU LOSE OR GAIN WEIGHT it's all about energy balance.

Calories in v Calories out.

NO food is good or bad. A chocolate bar won't make you gain weight and a punnet of strawberries won't make you lose weight. however that belief that chocolate is bad then means if we have the chocolate bar we have blown it so carry on. You then go over budget and bam the gain is there which then reinforces that belief that the chocolate is bad.

The strawberries we believe to be the good food however if you have had all your calories in that day and fancy a punnet then this will take you out of a calorie deficit and you'll see a weight gain. the likelihood that you would blame the strawberries is small but you would then look to all the foods you have eaten and blame the one that is higher in calories when in truth you went over because of the strawberries.

By changing how we see food we create a new relationship and a healthier one at that. When trying to lose weight we don't have to give up the foods we love, nor do we have to just eat fruit and veg. A healthy lifestyle includes ALL FOOD GROUPS.

This is probably one of the biggest mindsets to overcome but this will support a healthy longer lasting journey of success and wellness. Remember long term you are not going to want to give up the foods you love so in the short term why would you do it? It won't make you lose more weight by giving them up it will only make you crave, feel despondent and go to those old mindsets of feeling like you can't do it or failed again. Change is good. Embrace a whole new world of different foods again. your future you will thank you

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