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"Can Certain Foods Help You Burn More Calories?"

The simple answer is yes.

We burn calories by just sitting all day but there are certain foods that will burn more calories than others and this is a big bonus when trying to lose weight.

Metabolism is the process the body uses to convert food into the energy needed to survive & function. Metabolism often changes for a number of factors, Age, genetics, illness, medication, however. you can make some great food choices to ensure your metabolism is ramping up for you and burning more calories while digesting.

The top five are


Not only does protein help you repair, maintain a healthy structure and grow in lean muscle but it also burns more calories than other foods out there.

Great protein sources are meat, fish, seafood, beans, pulses, lentils, nuts, seeds & eggs

Fruit and veggies

These beauties are jammed full of vitamins and minerals as well as packed full of fibre, great for digestion and amazing for good gut health. most of the fruit and veg we eat are low in calories so while the body gets to work on digesting these foods they are burning more than they are actually worth. (see the blog about zero heroes)

Chilli peppers

Hot peppers like chili peppers and jalapeños contain the chemical capsaicin, which gives these vegetables their heat. Capsaicin increases your body’s internal temperature which temporarily helps you burn more calories.

Full fat Yogurt/ Greek yogurt

The little beauty is so full of protein and as well as calcium. Greek yogurt is actually a little more better for its protein amount but both will keep you fuller for a longer time. What's more impressive is the burn of calories. Some studies suggest that having yogurt before bed will burn more calories throughout the night. It also balances out the carbs we eat.


Okay, so water is not a food, but it is definitely a must-have when optimizing your nutrition goals. “Warm water is great for stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, helping to prevent constipation (especially with an increase in dietary fibre) and giving you something to fulfil your oral fixation at night, This means when you notice yourself eating for behavioural reasons after dinner, grab a mug of warm water. Add an edible essential oil, such as peppermint or lavender, or a squeeze of citrus. It will not only relax you, but also curb those cravings. Cold water also can burn more calories while drinking and also support digestion while digesting food.

There are so many more foods including chocolate that burns calories. Of course adding activity into your lifestyle will always be a plus but any movement however small like even typing this blog has burned more calories than just sitting.

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Hot water and squash are my general drinks with occasional coffee.


I love Greek full fat yogurt ... I'm in 👍


Great to have this really useful reminder. Thank you! 😊

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